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“Ehrhardt’s flair and charisma as a performer are matched by the strength and brilliance of her writing. It’s those combined qualities that make Cock Tales–The Play the great show it is.”

~Total Theater LOS ANGELES

Ehrhardt’s voice feels fresh and new…hilarious….a slow-baked sense of humor that can suddenly pop off punch lines into unexpected trajectories.  

~Sun Sentinel Florida

Guaranteed laughter.  


Unforgettable Performance – A Must see!  



From the Award Winning Writer of Jamaica Farewell Debra Ehrhardt


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About Cock Tales–The Play

When my husband heard the name of my new show, Cock Tales–The Play, he about lost his mind. I gently explained that his penis was not the first I’d encountered in my life, and that Cock Tales–The Play and all my one-woman shows have come from my own life experiences. When I began writing this piece, I thought I was writing about sex. But, I came to realize that sex is an entirely different subject. There is nothing new inCock Tales–The Play about sex. I can’t shed any light on human sexuality. I am no expert on that subject. But, when it comes to overcoming guilt, that is an area where I am an expert. Guilt is something that we have all experienced. It is something that many of us have taught our children.


To the degree that we can more fully liberate ourselves from the guilt that strangles our most joyous impulses, we are able to live our lives as more fully realized human beings. Hopefully, before the evening is through, I will have worked through my guilt and come to a place of comfort with my own actions.


Cock Tales–The Play is more personal than anything I’ve ever written as I’m revealing the boldest things I’ve never told, but I think its time to bring these stories to light.

Post-Production Images


Jamaica Observer: Cock Tales Aims to Satisfy Patrons

JAMAICAN-BORN actress Debra Ehrhardt returns for one-woman show Cock Tales at the Jamaica Shopping Club Theatre in St Andrew. The production, which began last night at 6:00 pm, is scheduled for a four-week run. Ehrhardt spoke to the Jamaica Observer at the play’s launch at the Jamaica Shopping Club Theatre on Tuesday evening.

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Jamaica Observer: My Big Fat Greek Wedding Director Visits Jamaica

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Joel Zwick, director of the highest grossing romantic comedy in the history of film, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, is on a one-week visit to Jamaica for the opening night of his play “Cock Tales – Shame on Me”.

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About Debra Ehrhardt

At the tender age of seven, Kingston, Jamaica native, Debra Ehrhardt, knew her dream was to come to America. By 18, her dream was realized. She studied acting with Katherine Kerr from Playwrights Horizons and Suzanne Esper at the William Esper Studios in New York City. After honing her craft on the east coast she concluded that her tropical blood would never get used to the east coast winters. She threw away the ice scraper and moved west. Los Angeles has been her home base for the past fifteen years. Ehrhardt, with her strong Jamaican accent found that there were very few roles in theater, film or television that she could play. She was encouraged to change her accent but opted against it. Instead she began writing her own plays based on her life experiences in Jamaica and has been working ever since.

Before Cock Tales–The Play, previous productions included Jamaica Farewell – The Play, Mango, Mango which received two NAACP Awards and Invisible Chairs, which was produced by David Strasberg at the Marilyn Monroe Theater in West Hollywood and later optioned as a situation comedy by Fox. She received a 2007 Proclamation from the City of New York for Jamaica Farewell – The Play for her “Outstanding Contribution to the Jamaican Community,” and was also a 2007 NYC Fringe festival award-winner.

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